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In 1994, I chose to believe in myself and the end result was REAL AUTHENTIC NIGGAWARE - OFFICIAL G SHIRT/NO BUSTERS ALLOWED. Influenced by my L.A. upbringing and rap music of the time, I created a line of edgy T-Shirts that I called G-SHIRTS. My mission was to create a brand that was both intelligent and promoted positive messages. At the same time, my goal was to counter the negative stereotypes associated with a particular sect of Black men by celebrating the lifestyle, creed, and culture of a Real Nigga.

25 years later, the core values of a Real Nigga still hold true and my life's journey has proven that I stand for what I believe. Even more important, REAL AUTHENTIC NIGGAWARE is still in demand. With the growth of rap music and Hip Hop in general, the ethos and likenss of a Real Nigga is more popular than ever as we continue to permeate pop culture as well as other social and racial barriers. 

​REAL AUTHENTIC NIGGAWARE does not stand for hate and prejudice of any person or people. On the contrary, it is indicative of humility; tolerance; and inclusion for all.

REAL AUTHENTIC NIGGAWARE is a collection of unique designs in limited qualities. I am the sole proprietor and distributor of MARKHAYLOCKDESIGNS and this ultra exclusive shopping experience is the latest manifestation of my venture.

Mark Haylock


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